The house of haunt


The House of Haunt is a traveling show of freakish delights. The Master of Ceremonies, known only as The Red Duke, traveled vast distances and the eternity of time and space to bring to the viewing public three of the most gruesome, mysterious, and melodic terrors man has ever laid eyes on. From the time where sandy pyramids challenged the blue skies and human lives were sold by the thousands, Fang, a notorious slave driver was plucked from his perch to serve the House of Haunt with his resonant voice and nimble fingers.

The Red Duke sold his soul to The Devil Himself for the acquisition of his demon daughter. Now Spike has retired from her fiery torments to add her ample talents to the spectacle. To drive the act together into a pulsing, raging unity The Duke scoured the earth. He created Skull by stitching together parts of murder victims he found in the lowest bowels of mankind. With his addition the show gained its pulse.

Together these four damned creatures create a spectacle that surpasses any known form of entertainment.


Vocals, Guitar / Fang
Vocals, Bass / Spike
Vocals, Drums / Skull
Guitar / Django Bloodheart